Professional Packers and Movers for Noida to Pune Relocation

Shifting to Pune, Maharashtra, from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, is a long and tiring journey. Without professional packers and movers specialists in Noida to Pune relocation, house shiftings alone between these cities means biting off more than one can chew. Noida to Pune relocation specialists are specially trained to handle the relocation between these two cities. Dtc Express Packers and Movers is an ideal choice for hiring these specialists at an affordable cost.

Dtc Express Packers and Movers is a branded relocation company hailed as the finest option to get packers and movers for Noida to Pune relocations. Our packers and movers have extensive experience relocating clients from Noida to Pune. It is one of the busiest relocation routes, as both cities are home to professionals who constantly move between these two cities for better job prospects. Dtc Express Packers and Movers satisfactorily caters to their Noida to Pune intercity relocation needs.

No other company comes close to us when it comes to experience, skilled labour, and relocation speed. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all kind of services. Therefore, we customised our services and prices according to clients' requirements. Besides, we ensure the utmost safety of our client's belongings and keep them informed of the live location of their items throughout the relocation journey. With us, you can relax and savour your intercity relocation experience calmly.


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Route chosen by Our Packers and Movers for Noida to Pune Relocation

The most efficient route for our packers and movers to transport your belongings from Noida to Pune is 1,430 km long, estimated to take about 24 hours of driving time. We start off on the Noida -Greater Noida Expressway, taking National Highway 19 south out of Delhi. We bypass Faridabad on the Eastern Peripheral Expressway, then continue southwest on National Highway 44.

After 165 km, we join National Highway 52, still heading southwest. We stay on NH 52 for over 500 km as it cuts diagonally across western Madhya Pradesh and much of Maharashtra. About 86 km before reaching Pune, we join National Highway 60 and take it west to the city.

This national highway route is the quickest and safest option to reach Pune from Noida . Our experienced drivers are familiar with the route and stop at designated rest areas to ensure cargo security. For the comfort of your belongings, we use GPS on our trucks to take the most direct paths through all cities en route. We make sure to properly secure your items as we drive steadily at optimal legal speeds. You can track your shipment in real-time through our mobile app as well.

Why Hire Packers and Movers Noida to Pune from Dtc Express Packers and Movers?

  1. Verified Relocation Services:

    Hire 100% verified and licensed packers and movers Noida to Pune
  2. Best Services at Best Prices:

    Avail the best packing and moving services within your budget
  3. Safe transportation:

    Reliable and hassle-free shifting from Noida to Pune
  4. Free Moving Quotes:

    Get free moving cost estimates from 3 best packers and movers
  5. Timely Delivery of Items:

    Doorstep delivery of goods within the estimated time in Bangalore
Packers and Movers Noida to Pune

Why Choose Us

🛡 Safe & Compliance

Cloudpackers relocate your households with complete safety and assurance. Get extra assurance with insurance, high-quality packing materials and skilled human resources.

💰 Cost Saving

The right type of packing material respective to goods from a skilled and trained workforce, transport chain and modern technology will save money. Right, consult for moving to make it easier.

💡 End to End Service Solution

Starting from scratch to settle at your destination we offer complete services where you can relocate your households, furniture, electronics, and vehicles to your living plants and pets.

🌐 Fast & Worldwide Network

Over a period of time, we enhance ourselves and our connections to the global market. And now we have a strong and fast worldwide packers and movers network.

💸 Insurance Coverage

By looking at the obstacles and risks of transportation to your belongings, we offer insurance coverage to your households to prevent you from any loss.

📦 Storage & Warehouse Facility

Get up to 30 days of absolutely free storage and warehouse facility from us. You can store your belonging with us for upto 30 days free while taking our packing and moving service.

🏗 Advanced Tool & Modern Shifting Method

For complete safety and extra protection, we use advanced tools and modern technology for packing and shifting households to your desired destination.

👷 Skilled Staff & Premium Packing Material

Over a half-decade Cloudpackers solving packing and moving issues with their well-trained staff and world-class packing materials. We use multilayer packing for the safest relocation.

Transport services charges from Noida to Pune

Vehicle type Charges Loading/ Unloading
Mahindra Pickup Rs. 31,211-14,124 Rs. 2,134-2,484
Eicher 14 Feet Rs. 24,333-31,224 Rs. 3,311-5,134
Eicher 17 Feet Rs. 32,320-35,224 Rs. 3,244-8,222
Eicher 19 Feet Rs. 45,124-45,321 Rs. 5,331-6,545

Noida to Pune truck transport charges

Truck Type Weight Capacity Total charges
Tata 22 Feet 10 Ton Rs. 42,234-55,555
Container 20 ft 6.5 Ton Rs. 32,234-51,553
Container 32 ft sxl 7 Ton Rs. 52,134-62,221
Container 32 ft mxl 14 Ton Rs. 52,555-75,224
32/40 Feet open-trailor odc 25/32 Ton Rs. 62,575-87,224

Benefits of Hiring Movers and Packers for Noida to Pune Shifting

If you think the importance of professional packers and movers is hyped and over-rated, you might not know the benefits they provide. However, you will definitely change your mind once you get acquainted with these benefits. To make you fully appreciate the importance of packers and movers for the Noida to Pune move, you should know the benefits they entail. Thus, here we have listed all these benefits one by one: -

Tireless and Injury Free Shifting

Shifting houses means heavy lifting that often causes sprains or strains. Our crew handles all loading and unloading so you avoid injuries. With adequate manpower, equipment, and rest breaks, our movers work steadily without getting exhausted. Sit back while our team shoulders this demanding physical labour.

Cost much less than doing it yourself

Renting trucks, buying packaging supplies, possible damages, and your valuable time add up fast. Our all-inclusive prices save you money. With professional expertise maximising efficiency, our charges are less than DIY moving costs. Our bulk transport optimises routes and space usage too.

Way more safe and secure than handling it yourself

The biggest risks - goods damages and road accidents - are greatly minimised. Secured trucks, trained drivers, cargo insurance and high safety standards give air-tight protection. Real-time tracking and personal supervision ensure your stuff's security throughout.

Your belongings are covered by moving insurance

We provide free damage coverage for your possessions. Industry-standard policies shield you from losses if the unforeseen happens. Hassle-free and direct claims settlement keeps you stress-free. This insurance protection is worth many times our fees.

A well-organised, smooth and fast service

Meticulous planning and seamless coordination enable quick, smooth functioning. Years of experience make us extremely organised. Customised timelines and real-time coordination between teams ensures fast, orderly execution. Our expertise nudges the move along briskly and perfectly.

Packers and Movers Noida to Pune Charges Summary

Shifting Type

Approx. Total Charges

Packing & Labor Costs

Transport Rates


₹ 24,000 - ₹ 54,000

₹ 8,400 - ₹ 18,900

₹ 15,600 - ₹ 35,100


₹ 36,000 - ₹ 81,000

₹ 12,600 - ₹ 28,350

₹ 23,400 - ₹ 52,650


₹ 68,000 - ₹1,53,000

₹ 23,800 - ₹ 53,550

₹ 44,200 - ₹ 99,450

Car Transport

₹ 15,300 - ₹ 34,130

₹ 3,060 - ₹ 6,820

₹ 12,240 - ₹ 27,310

Bike Transport

₹ 4,000 - ₹ 11,050

₹ 1,400 - ₹ 3,860

₹ 2,600 - ₹ 3,980

Qualities of Decent Packers and Movers for Noida to Pune Move

While searching for decent packers and movers for the Noida to Pune relocation, a newbie's most common challenge is identifying them. The only solution to face this challenge is recognising them by their qualities. Yes, you read it right. Once you get informed of the qualities of decent packers and movers companies for the Noida to Pune relocation, you can easily spot them. For this, you need to read this section thoroughly till the end. Here is the list of decent movers and packers for Noida to Pune move

Licensed and Certified by the authorities

Legitimate moving companies hold valid licences and certificates from government bodies like transport authorities. These legal permissions prove compliance with regulations for consumer safety and fair business practices. Certified movers invest in meeting rigorous eligibility criteria regarding infrastructure, processes and staff.

Have GST number

Reputable moving companies are registered with India's Goods and Services Tax Network. Ask for their GST Identification Number before hiring. This 15-digit code proves they file timely tax returns and invoices. GST-compliant businesses function transparently following laws and regulations. They levy only the applicable tax rates without hidden charges. Being GST-registered also indicates sound finances and credibility. This trustworthy number signifies professional packers and movers who offer standard prices and services.

Equipped with high-end equipment and vehicles

Quality movers invest in superior trucks and the latest tools for safe transportation. Check that they own specially designed vehicles with GPS, storage systems and soft suspension. Ensure modern equipment like dollies, ramps and packaging materials for efficient handling. State-of-the-art resources minimise damages, delays and accidents. High-performing assets like customised trucks and advanced gadgets enable smooth functioning. Such cutting edge equipment indicates reliable companies who value clients' possessions.

Have skilled, experienced and police verified employees

Trust only movers who directly hire and train staff; no freelancing middlemen. Seek companies with policies for intense skill building and expertise gaining. Ensure thorough police verification of crew to prevent thefts. Well trained teams efficiently handle valuables and securely operate vehicles. Such qualified workers finish responsibly without supervision. They ensure no objects get misplaced or damaged during transit. Investing in productive employees avoids operational problems that rookie labourers cause.

Transparent pricing and policies

Decent packers and movers companies are highly transparent about their pricing and policies. They neither keep their customers in the dark nor give them ambiguous information. Informing their clients of their policies and all charges is always first in their priorities before booking moves.

Noida to Pune Relocation Price Breakup

House Shifting Rates from Noida to Pune

House Size

Packing & Labor Costs

Transport Rates



₹ 23,000 - ₹ 45,000

₹ 9,300 - ₹ 17,900

₹ 14,600 - ₹ 32,100


₹ 25,000 - ₹ 72,000

₹ 23,600 - ₹ 35,350

₹ 13,400 - ₹ 52,650


₹ 65,000 - ₹1,23,000

₹ 32,800 - ₹ 42,550

₹ 32,100 - ₹ 88,450

4 BHK or Villa

₹ 30,940 - ₹ 69,610

₹ 57,460 - ₹ 1,29,290

₹ 88,400 - ₹ 1,98,900

How to Hire Reliable Packers and Movers for Noida to Pune Relocation

If it is the first time you need the services of packers and movers for Noida to Pune move, you may not know the correct way to hire them. To counter this problem, we are going to provide you with the right packers and movers hiring method. For you, it is necessary to be familiar with this method to ensure safe and efficient relocation from Noida to Pune. Here is the stepwise method: -

Take references from your family and friends. Alongside this, do a broad online research regarding the best packers and movers for Noida to Pune relocation in your area.

In this step, prepare a list of 5 or 6 best companies based on whatever information you have acquired in your research in step 1.

Now, contact each company on the list and obtain information about their pricing, experience, and policies. Most importantly, remember to share your specific requirements with them.

Afterwards, assess the strengths and weaknesses of these companies. And see which one fits best with your Noida to Pune relocation requirements.

If you have convincingly made your final choice, arrange an in-person meeting to book your move. Before signing the deal, read each term and condition carefully.

Car Transport Rates from Noida to Pune 

Car Type

Labor & Handling Costs

Transport Rates

Total Charges


₹ 3,060 - ₹ 4,680

₹ 12,240 - ₹ 18,720

₹ 15,300 - ₹ 23,400


₹ 3,360 - ₹ 5,140

₹ 13,470 - ₹ 20,600

₹ 16,830 - ₹ 25,740

Compact SUV

₹ 3,610 - ₹ 5,520

₹ 14,460 - ₹ 22,110

₹ 18,070 - ₹ 27,630


₹ 4,460 - ₹ 6,820

₹ 17,860 - ₹ 27,310

₹ 22,320 - ₹ 34,130


₹ 4,110 - ₹ 6,290

₹ 16,460 - ₹ 25,170

₹ 20,570 - ₹ 31,460

Two Wheeler Transport Charges from Noida to Pune 

Two Wheeler Type

Packing & Labor Costs

Transport Rates

Total Charges

Bike upto 199cc

₹ 1780 - ₹ 2730

₹ 3320 - ₹ 5070

₹ 5100 - ₹ 7800

Bike from 200-500cc

₹ 2140 - ₹ 3270

₹ 3980 - ₹ 6090

₹ 6120 - ₹ 9360

Bike Above 500cc

₹ 2530 - ₹ 3860

₹ 4700 - ₹ 7190

₹ 7230 - ₹ 11050


₹ 1480 - ₹ 2270

₹ 2770 - ₹ 4230

₹ 4250 - ₹ 6500

Electric Scooty

₹ 1400 - ₹ 2130

₹ 2600 - ₹ 3980

₹ 4000 - ₹ 6110

Domestic Packers and Movers From Noida


1) Why is it essential to hire packers and movers who are specialists in Noida to Pune relocation?

Since packers and movers are professionals who relocate daily, there are minimal chances of damaging your belongings if they handle your Noida to Pune relocation.

2) What is the suitable method to estimate the charges of packers and movers specialised in Noida to Pune relocation?

You can directly ask for price quotes from several packers and movers companies. Most companies provide pricing quotes for free. Other than this, you can also utilise our packers and movers cost calculator to get a rough estimate of the cost of packers and movers for Noida to Pune relocation.

3) How can I identify suitable packers and movers for Noida to Pune moves?

Ask them to show their client testimonials and ask about their experience in Noida to Pune relocation. Most importantly, you need to check their online reputation and what their previous customers say about their services.

4) What are the risks of choosing the wrong packers and movers for my Noida to Pune house shifting?

Wrong packers and movers can put your belongings in danger. They also charge extra money in the form of hidden charges. Clients often go through a punishing ordeal with them. And they rarely provide original packing and moving invoices.


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