Reputed Car Transport Services in Ghaziabad

Moving your car to a far-distanced location can be a real pain as now you have to think about how far you are going, if your car can make it, and tons more. Driving it yourself for a big move sounds awful. The drive could beat up your nice car if the roads are bad or the weather gets nasty. So yeah, relocating vehicles sucks. But companies like Car Transport in Ghaziabad make it simple. They take care of everything, so you don't stress. You can kick back while they safely shift your wheels and stuff. Pretty sweet deal compared to doing it solo, right? I mean that would take forever and you would be wiped. This way is much smoother for getting from A to B.

Moving your car does not have to give you a headache. Leaving it to the professionals makes life easier. Car transport services in Ghaziabad, like of Dtc Express Packers and Movers, know how to shift your wheels safely. Wehave got years under our belt getting rides from point A to B. For instance, Dtc Express Packers and Movers in Ghaziabad has eight years of expertise in Car Transportation. So you can bet we will get your car there in one piece. Our crew will come to you, load up your vehicle, and take care of everything. You will just relax while they handle the hard stuff. Dtc Express Packers and Movers dominates the scene. Our team has the skills to provide top-notch car shifting service in Ghaziabad. From knowing vehicle needs to picking optimal routes, they have got you covered. Simply put, entrust your car to the pros, not just any Joe.


Relocate In 4 Easy Steps

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Submit Your Requirement

Provide the details of the goods and the probable time of shifting those goods to Packer and Mover.

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Car Transport Charges in Ghaziabad to Other Cities

City/Car Type




Luxury Car

Ghaziabad - Bangalore

₹15,200- ₹ 22,400

₹ 13,830 - ₹ 22,740

₹ 24,120 - ₹ 46,130

₹ 20,570 - ₹ 11,460

Ghaziabad - Hyderabad

₹16,000- ₹ 35,500

₹ 17,500 - ₹ 37,000

₹ 33,400 - ₹ 25,000

₹ 12,600 - ₹ 22,500

Ghaziabad - Mumbai

₹ 12,630 - ₹ 17,250

₹ 15,480 - ₹ 18,540

₹ 14,070 - ₹ 33,570

₹ 16,030 - ₹ 22,450

Ghaziabad - Kolkata

₹ 11,000 - ₹ 13,750

₹ 12,000 - ₹ 17,000

₹ 13,680 - ₹ 24,090

₹ 24,530 - ₹ 11,950

Ghaziabad - Ahmedabad

₹2,000 - ₹14,000

₹6,300 - ₹12,000

₹ 13,000 - ₹14,000

₹21,000 - ₹16,000


Our drivers have mad skills. They have spent years hauling all types of vehicles under their belts. So you know they can get your car wherever it needs to go.

We also hustle to pick up your car fast. Like usually within a day of your call, we will swing by to grab your car. No waiting around when you need car relocation service in Ghaziabad ASAP.

We keep you updated during the whole journey. You will know exactly where your car's at and when we expect to drop it off. No surprises or wondering if we took a wrong turn.

We take care of all the behind-the-scenes stuff too. Getting the right drivers, trucks, routes - that is on us. You just say where to pick up and deliver.

Standard Car Transportation Charges in Ghaziabad

Distance / Move Type


House + Car

Upto 450km

₹1,600 to ₹8,300

₹14,500 - ₹21,500

351km - 954km

₹8,200 to ₹22,400

₹12,300 - ₹40,460

200km - 1489km

₹6,100 to ₹12,000

₹24,000 - ₹35,500

2600km - 2800km

₹22,600 to ₹18,000

₹32,200 - ₹45,600

Disadvantages of not choosing a car transportation company in Ghaziabad for shifting your car?

Keep in mind that ill-informed decisions are always prone to bring nasty outcomes. Thus, if you are going for a DIY way to shift your car, you must be aware of its disadvantages beforehand. This section aims to make you aware of these disadvantages. So, stay tuned and keep reading to the end. Following are the disadvantages of not hiring car transport company in Ghaziabad for your car shifting: -

1. Ghaziabad 's streets pose accident risks. Reckless driving and congestion make navigating stressful. Despite experience, safety is not guaranteed during car transport.

2. Driving yourself is time-consuming for car transport. Long distances lead to delays, interfering with other tasks like setting up your new home or starting a new job.

3. Driving your own car is costly. You must pay for fuel, tolls, parking and other expenses. Additional state fees may apply as well.

4. Without professional Ghaziabad car movers, your car has no insurance. You are responsible for any damages or losses when driving yourself.


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Four Wheeler Transportation

We offer you trusted four wheeler transportation service. does safe and secure transportation of vehicles be it car.


Car Warehouse Service

Considering transportation of car as well as Car Warehouse Service we have the right services for you. We are experienced in relocation services


Domestic Transport Service

We are reputed Transport offering diverse domestic transport service. We hate to charge them indiscriminate cost during their relocation process.


Call us for the best moving experience.

Whether you’re moving your business or just transporting a car, Car 24 Movers will get the job done quickly and safely. We offer an efficient door-to-door service that transports your car with care.

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Affordable Car Tansportation

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Friendly Support

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How Car Relocation Services in Ghaziabad by us deliver a stress-free feeling to customers?

Relocating your ride around Ghaziabad just got easier with Dtc Express Packers and Movers. We teamed up with trusted partners to make sure you get tip-top service. Our squad has got your back handling everything from A to Z to keep you satisfied. And we go beyond basic car transportation too. Our pros have skills in storing vehicles, packing them securely, arranging shipping containers - you name it. So your wheels are in good hands. We also rock relocations for homes and offices. You can score sweet deals booking our movers for those jobs too. Rates won't break the bank. Our track record shows we get the job done right. So let us take the wheel for your next move! Dtc Express Packers and Movers has the connections and experience in town to make it smooth sailing.

Our packers and movers squad in Ghaziabad has skills packing rides securely for shipping. We use top-notch materials so your car is snug as a bug. Then our technically trained team loads them perfectly onto carriers. We even offer door-to-door service to take more work off your plate. Sit back while we handle the hassle from start to finish. All you need to do is book us for awesome car shipment, and we will take over from there,

Moving Process of Our Car Transport Service in Ghaziabad

Before hiring a car transport service in Ghaziabad, be aware of their car moving process. Moving process of any car moving service is a reliable yardstick to measure their capability. To ensure utmost safety to your car, you should compare the car transport methods of all prospective car transport services in Ghaziabad. In this section, we are going to lay out the blueprint of car moving process followed by packers and movers of Dtc Express Packers and Movers in Ghaziabad. Here is the stepwise process: -

Step 1: Visit your home for pre-move survey

Step 2: Arrive at your location on moving day start preparing your car to load it into our car carrier

Step 3: Check all the essential documents like car’s RC, PUC and insurance paper

Step 4: Load your Car into carrier with all care

Step 5: Take the best route to deliver it at your desired location.

Step 6: Upon arriving on its destination, our team unload the car and handover it to the client.

Factors that affects the cost of car transport services in Ghaziabad

We understand that price is the most pressing concern of the clients while looking for reputed car transport services in Ghaziabad. In this section, we are going to address this concern of our clients. Before approaching any professional car transport service in Ghaziabad, you should know about these factors. It is going to help you in getting the best deal from your car transport service. Not only this, it will be helpful in adjusting your car transport cost in Ghaziabad within your budget. Here is the list of factors that influence the the car transport charges in Ghaziabad: -

Type and size of car

The kind of car you need to ship heavily affects the price. Like moving a small sedan or economy car costs less than a big SUV or truck. More space taken up means more money. Plus fancy sports cars or luxury brands usually carry higher price tags for transport too. So what you drive makes a difference cost-wise. Of course lighter compacts will not weigh down carriers as much either, keeping fuel costs lower than heavy vehicles.

Moving Distance

How far you want to shift your car influences the transport charges too. Inter-city car relocation cost way higher fees over short trips within the same city. There is more gas, more time on the road, potential hotel stays for drivers - expenses add up quick.

Condition of the roads between initial and final location

Crappy road conditions are another cost variable. Bumpy paths, narrow lanes, bad weather - it all complicates shipping and may up the pricing. Difficult commutes increase risks of accidents or breakdowns. Which means more safety precautions and preparations are needed. Extra driver care navigating cruddy infrastructure or sketchy sites can add hidden costs too. So bad roads translate to beefier transport rates.

Condition of your Car

Condition of the car affects its shifting cost. Poor exterior or mechanical issues can really balloon the pricing quotes. Special equipment and labor may be required moving compromised cars. Additional services get tacked on fast for faulty vehicles needing repairs, extra packing precautions, covered transport, specialty hauling tools, and so on. Heavily modded cars also fall outside standard jobs. So expect inflated rate if your car has problems or weird custom features.

Needed Paper work

Requiring permits, customs forms, insurance waivers - it all contributes to end fees. Toll for crossing state borders can raise the cost too. Extra administrative needs means more staff overhead and compliance costs to plan for. So paperwork of any kind equals a higher total bill.

Car Transport service in Ghaziabad charges

Service Type

Up to 300 Km

400 – 500 Km

700 – 2200 Km

1200 – 1800 Km

back Car Carrier Price

5,000 - 7,000

4,000 - 6,000

4,000 - 8,000

3,000 - 11,000

Sedan Car Carrier Price

4,000 - 13,000

14,000 – 17,000

14,000 - 31,000

12,000 - 22,000

SUV Car Carrier Price

16,000 - 18,000

17,000 - 22,000

22,100 - 28,000

18,500 - 20,000

Luxury Car Carrier Price

16,000 - 28,000

37,000 - 25,000

29,000 - 30,000

32,000 - 32,000

Sports Car Carrier Price

32,000 - 35,000

35,000 - 46,000

36,000 - 47,000

58,000 - 48,000

FAQs: -

How can I identify a reliable car transport service provider in Ghaziabad?

Check reviews of their customers to see actual customer experiences. Verify their licenses, insurance, bonding, etc. Have an in-person Interview with them to gauge their responsiveness and knowledge. A reliable company should have plenty of good feedback, legal credentials, and customer care.

How should I estimate the cost of Car transport service in Ghaziabad?

Map the route to determine mileage, fuel, and time estimates. Factor in car size, type, and conditions requiring special handling. Ask for rate breakdowns from companies detailing service fees, equipment costs, taxes and determine average costs. Adjust for busy seasons and peek delivery charges too.

What are the factors that influence the cost of car relocation service in Ghaziabad?

The main factors that affect car shipping rates in Ghaziabad are the distance traveled, vehicle size and type, transport method (open or enclosed), season and demand, special requirements, and services needed.

Should I relocate my car to another city without taking help of car transport service in Ghaziabad?

Road quality, weather risks, car wear and tear, laws and permits, parking, food, lodging for long hauls make self-driving tricky. Taking help of car transport service in Ghaziabad is safest for you and the car. They know routes and have tools, drivers, backups for secure shipping without personal burden.

What are qualities of a reliable car transport service in Ghaziabad?

Solid experience without incidents, reasonable rates for quality service, responsiveness, licensed and bonded carriers, driver screening and standards, shipment GPS and progress updates, contract clarity about costs, damages and terms all show reliable auto transporters.


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