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In 2022, India became the third largest car market in the world surpassing Japan. Delhi - the capital of India - accounts for the largest share of car sales in India. Number of car owners in Delhi is increasing only and there is no sign of any decline in the near future. Often these new owners don’t know how to drive yet and need car transport service to bring the car to their home. Other than this, car transport service in Delhi is mostly sought to send the car to other cities. Serving these needs, Dtc Express Packers & Movers has always stood out as the best choice to get car transport services in Delhi. People who are unknown to the car relocation process often assume that it is an easy task and does not require any prior experience. But quite the opposite, it is a complex task that requires experience and careful attention.


Why Choose Dtc Express Packers & Movers For Your Car Relocation in Delhi?

It has been 12 years since Dtc Express Packers & Movers started providing car relocation service in Delhi.Over these 12 years, we have done thousands of car relocations with utmost professionalism and matching the client's expectations.

Owing to this much experience, we have gained in-depth and wider insights of car transport service in Delhi. Our car transport team is familiar with every nook and corner of Delhi. It enables us to conveniently provide car transport service at any location in Delhi.

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Car Transport Charges in Delhi to Other Cities

City/Car Type




Luxury Car

Delhi - Bangalore

₹ 14,300- ₹ 22,400

₹ 14,830 - ₹ 26,740

₹ 32,320 - ₹ 56,130

₹ 30,570 - ₹ 41,460

Delhi - Hyderabad

₹ 26,000- ₹ 25,500

₹ 37,500 - ₹ 47,000

₹ 23,500 - ₹ 35,000

₹ 11,500 - ₹ 32,500

Delhi - Mumbai

₹ 13,630 - ₹ 18,250

₹ 14,480 - ₹ 19,540

₹ 15,070 - ₹ 34,570

₹ 15,030 - ₹ 22,450

Delhi - Kolkata

₹ 10,000 - ₹ 14,750

₹ 11,000 - ₹ 19,000

₹ 14,680 - ₹ 34,090

₹ 14,530 - ₹ 21,950

Delhi - Ahmedabad

₹ 7,000 - ₹15,000

₹8,300 - ₹13,000

₹13,000 - ₹24,000

₹11,000 - ₹16,000

Benefits of Hiring Car Transport Service in Delhi: -

1. Lesser Planning

When you think of travelling with the vehicle, you have to plan a lot of things. Who will drive? What to keep? Where to stop? What’s the best route? And much more. When you hire transportation services, there is nothing for you to worry about.

2. Credible Services

A registered company offers adjustable services. The only bet here is to check the authenticity of the company before hiring. Do a lot of research, ask for references, and check their credentials to know that you are working with the right company.

3. 24/7 Availability

Those who hire Packers and Movers in Secunderabad might know that they are available 24/7. You can contact them whenever you need their services and that’s why it is really time-saving. You can talk to someone whenever you feel like it. The 24/7 services also make it possible for you to receive your vehicle on time as they are never off duty.

4. Door To Door Delivery

What more do you want? The car will be picked from the doorstep of your current location and will be delivered at your new location. You don’t have to leave and pick the car anywhere and that will cut your hassles as well as time wastage. The transportation services even if they take time can make the process fast.

5. Safety And Security

We all love our assets and can’t afford to see them damaged. The right transportation services will always take care of the safety and security of your vehicle. The service provider makes sure to keep the tires and other things in shape. They maintain the car well and you don’t have to worry about insects or pests damaging it. Moreover, it is also good for your safety as travelling for such long hours is not a good idea. Not only is it very tiring, but it can also lead to accidents if the driver falls asleep.

6. Reasonable Cost

Now, what threatens most of the people is cost. They think that it might be extremely expensive and will disturb their budget. But, it is not like that. The transportation company ships multiple vehicles and not just one and that makes the expense go lower. The cost of transportation is quite reasonable if you find the right one. If the one you talked to seems too expensive, you might need to check for another one.

7. Insurance Coverage

The car companies also offer insurance coverage which means you will get paid for any damages. The car is inspected before loading and after unloading to the new location. These are some amazing benefits you get when you choose to move your car with professional transportation services. If you are thinking of the cost, well the fuel isn’t that inexpensive.

Standard Car Transportation Charges in Delhi

Distance / Move Type


House + Car

Upto 450km

₹4,600 to ₹8,300

₹16,500 - ₹51,500

350km - 956km

₹9,200 to ₹20,400

₹11,300 - ₹50,460

300km - 1499km

₹7,200 to ₹13,000

₹34,000 - ₹55,500

2400km - 2400km

₹20,600 to ₹19,000

₹33,500 - ₹75,600

Disadvantages of not choosing a car transportation company in Delhi for shifting your car?

Keep in mind that ill-informed decisions are always prone to bring nasty outcomes. Thus, if you are going for a DIY way to shift your car, you must be aware of its disadvantages beforehand. This section aims to make you aware of these disadvantages. So, stay tuned and keep reading to the end. Following are the disadvantages of not hiring car transport company in Delhi for your car shifting: -

1. Delhi's streets pose accident risks. Reckless driving and congestion make navigating stressful. Despite experience, safety is not guaranteed during car transport.

2. Driving yourself is time-consuming for car transport. Long distances lead to delays, interfering with other tasks like setting up your new home or starting a new job.

3. Driving your own car is costly. You must pay for fuel, tolls, parking and other expenses. Additional state fees may apply as well.

4. Without professional Delhi car movers, your car has no insurance. You are responsible for any damages or losses when driving yourself.


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Factors Affecting Car Shifting Cost in Delhi: -

Cost is the major concern while opting any service and car transportation service in Delhi is no exception to it. We know you are eager to know what are the factors that you need to look into to estimate car transport cost in Delhi. By estimating the cost of car transportation service in Delhi in advance, you can plan your budget more effectively. Here is the factors affecting car shifting cost in Delhi: -

1. Type of the Car: -

The model of car being transported is a significant cost factor, as premium or luxury vehicles require more specialised carriers and handling equipment leading to higher charges. Sedans and Hatch
backs are more economical to shift than SUVs, MUVs etc.

2. Relocation Date: -

Avoiding peak seasons around summer when demand is high will reduce transit cost. Car transportation costs are lower during off-peak periods when service providers have less business.

3. Moving Distance: -

Greater the distance between origin and destination, higher will be the fuel usage cost resulting in increased charges. Local city transportation costs less compared to long distance interstate relocation.

4. Toll Taxes: -

Crossing state borders and tolled highways enroute incurs toll taxes which get added to final billing. Plan routes that avoid toll roads to save money.

5. Type of carrier used in move: -

Open carriers are cheaper than enclosed ones for short distances. But for long distances, enclosed carriers are safer though costlier. The type of carrier should fit your requirements.

6. Brand Image of the moving company: -

Established, reputed car movers charge higher for their experience, specialisation and lower risk. Newer players offer competitive rates but may compromise on service quality and safety.

Process of Car Shifting Services in Delhi: -

Car transportation companies in Delhi go through quite an intricate process to safely transport your car to your desired location. It takes patience and attention to detail to not miss a single step in the entire process. To fully appreciate the importance of car transportation companies in Delhi for safe car transportation, you should know their car shifting process. In this section, we are going to outline the car shifting process of Dtc Express Packers & Movers. Here is our car transport process: -

Evaluating Car Condition -

Our experts first thoroughly inspect your car for any pre-existing damage and prepare a condition report before transportation. This avoids liability for any previously existing defects.

Car Unloading -

At destination, we carefully unload and inspect the car thoroughly again before delivery. We inform you of any minor damage directly attributable to transit.

Securing the Car -

We use appropriate harnesses, straps, covers and padding materials to securely fasten your car in place on the carrier. This prevents movement and scratches during transit.

Safe Transportation -

Our drivers are trained to avoid sudden acceleration or braking and take the smoothest routes. GPS tracking allows real-time monitoring for total peace of mind.

Paperwork Completion -

Finally, we complete all necessary paperwork regarding car condition reports, invoices and insurance formalities for your records and reference.

Cost-Effective Car Transport by Train: -

Train is the most cost- effective way to transport your car to other cities. Though it is a cheaper alternative, it does not mean you can dispense from car transport specialists by opting this method. It is so, because car transport by train is a cumbersome process and involves loads of paperwork and verification. Hence, it is advisable to get it done through an experienced car transport service provider in Delhi. Car Transport in Delhi by Train is cheaper compared to transporting it by large carrier truck. There are several plausible reasons for this. Here are some bullet points for reasons to transport a car by train:

Cost-effective -

Transporting a car by train is typically much cheaper than other methods like trucking or shipping. The cost savings can be significant.

Environmentally friendly -

Transporting cars by train produces fewer emissions than trucking or driving the car long distances. This makes it a greener option.

Convenient pickup and dropoff -

Most train shipping services will pick up the car at your home and deliver it to your destination, making it easy and convenient.

Safer for your car -

Train transport minimises the risks of damage, vandalism or theft compared to parking your car and driving long distances. The car is in a sealed rail car.

More reliable timing -

Transport by rail often has more predictable timing than road transportation which can run into issues like weather delays. Trains run on set schedules.

Ability to transport multiple cars -

Train cars can transport several vehicles at once, allowing for efficient movement of inventory for dealerships or auctions.

Don't have to drive yourself -

Skipping the long drive allows you to transport your car without wear and tear or extra miles.

Car Transport service in Delhi charges

Service Type

Up to 400 Km

500 – 600 Km

700 – 1200 Km

1200 – 1800 Km

back Car Carrier Price

4,000 - 6,000

7,000 - 8,000

4,000 - 8,000

3,000 - 11,000

Sedan Car Carrier Price

4,000 - 13,000

15,000 – 17,000

13,000 - 30,000

12,000 - 22,000

SUV Car Carrier Price

15,000 - 19,000

18,000 - 23,000

23,000 - 28,000

28,000 - 30,000

Luxury Car Carrier Price

19,000 - 27,000

27,000 - 29,000

29,000 - 30,000

30,000 - 42,000

Sports Car Carrier Price

42,000 - 45,000

45,000 - 46,000

46,000 - 47,000

48,000 - 48,000

FAQs: -

What is the most important tip for safe car transport?

The most important tip for safe car transport is securing the vehicle properly using straps, chains and covers on the carrier. Proper tying down prevents motion and protects against exterior damage during transit. It also ensures the car does not slide or topple over, avoiding major accidents. Hence, specialised equipment and securing techniques by professionals are vital.

Why is the ideal status of the fuel tank before shifting of a car?

Before car shifting, the ideal fuel tank status is 1/4th tank. This provides balance and stability since significant extra weight on one side from a full tank can risk toppling. It also prevents fire hazards from fuel spills versus empty tanks. Moderately filled tank keeps fuel weight balanced for smooth transit.

Why should one always check the car’s fuel tank before car shifting?

Checking fuel level is critical because a full tank adds excessive weight which can destabilise the car during loading and transit. This heightens risks of accidents or damage. An empty tank also avoids leaks but leads to improper balance. Thus, verifying and regulating fuel levels is an essential pre-transport step.

What are the risks involved in car relocation?

Key risks in car relocation are possible dents, scratches, unsettling of parts or major damage from accidents in transit. Sudden braking, bumps or imbalanced weighing can jeopardise safety. Securing technique errors or driver negligence also lead to risks. Minimising such hazards requires expert handling.

How to empty a fuel tank for car transportation?

To empty the fuel tank before transport, run the car on prolonged drives until near empty. Additionally, fuel can be manually syphoned out using a pump. Refuel after reaching destination as residual fumes still remain. Plan stops on long drives to refuel when required. Drive at optimal speeds for maximum fuel efficiency.

How to proceed to shift a new car to another city?

When relocating a new car to another city, first ensure it is in good condition without defects for safe transport. Check tire pressure, fluid levels and battery charge. Remove personal items and disable alarms. Get necessary paperwork like registration, insurance and invoices ready. Hire professional packers and movers specialising in car transportation for hassle-free and damage-free shifting. They will securely tie down the car on suitable enclosed carriers.


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