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Vasant Kunj, situated in southwest Delhi, is one of the most affluent areas in Delhi. Households in this area generally comprise DDA flats and independent houses. People of this region quite often seek warehouse services for various kinds of reasons. To satiate their want for reliable storage services in Vasant Kunj, Dtc Express Packers and Movers is promptly operating multiple warehousing facilities here. Our warehouses in Vasant Kunj are world-class and equipped with every essential amenity. Its affordable cost makes it the first choice for those who are tight on budget but seek quality warehouse service in Vasant Kunj, Delhi.

Warehouse service is essential for the smooth functioning of any city, especially cities with high economic activity. Without it, many crucial daily affairs will come to a halt. Dtc Express Packers and Movers has a firm grasp of this reality. Therefore, our warehouses have never been in a defunct state. No matter what the circumstances are, we put our best efforts into delivering quality services. We have over ten years of expertise providing warehouse services in Vasant Kunj, Delhi.


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How It Works


We pack at your home

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Benefits of availing the warehouse services in Vasant Kunj

For storing your belongings, opting for warehouse service in Vasant Kunj is a commendable decision. There are numerous benefits to doing so. This section will introduce you to all the benefits of warehouse service in Vasant Kunj. It will help you in assessing its necessity in its entirety. Here is the list

1) Safe and Secure Storage

Warehouses are much safer to store business inventories and household items alike. These facilities have 24/7 security personnel and cctv cameras to protect the items from theft. They are equipped with a pest control system, fire control system, and air conditioning.

2) Reasonable Cost

A warehousing facility costs less than renting a house or place to store goods. The economy of scale works in favor of warehouse service providers. Thus, they can manage to provide storage services in Vasant Kunj at a reasonable cost.

3) Accountability

After storing your goods in a warehouse in Vasant Kunj, they take full accountability for any mishaps. You won't have to stress out yourself with the burden of ensuring the safety of your items.

4) 24/7 retrieval

You will have 24/7 access to your possessions stored in a warehouse facility in Vasant Kunj. Whenever you wish, you can retrieve your goods from the warehouse storing your items.

5) Round-the-clock customer support

Warehouses provide round-the-clock customer support to address the clients’ query and provide the solution to their problem. It keeps clients informed of the whereabouts of their possession.

Household Storage

Luggage Storage

It provides lockers and space for tourists and individuals to store their luggage in a new city.

File Storage

It is a best storage space for storing and organizing important files and documents.

Furniture Items Storage

It means specially designed space free from moist and rodents to store furniture.

Full Household Items Storage

It provides a space to store your all household items in one place.

Vehicle Storage

It is designed to store a car or other type of vehicle for certain period of time.

Student Bag Storage

This is a specially designed space for students to keep their bags for certain weeks in a new city.

Electronic Item Storage

This provides space to store electronic items such as computers, servers, electronic devices and more.

Room Storage

It provides a single room where you can store anything as per your interest.

Box Storage

It means your boxes containing goods will be picked up and taken to a storage facility.

Customized Warehouse

Customized storage spaces provide the means to keep your spaces clutter-free.

Most Picked Self-Storage Service Provider

Dtc Express Packers and Movers is a default choice of residents to get storage service. Our storage services are in every aspect, whether pricing, quality, or reliability. We have been providing top-notch storage services in Delhi for 15 years. Not a single client has ever been disappointed with us in this period. Being at the top of the storage service industry, we are conscious of our responsibilities and poised to deliver on our promises to clients.
Dtc Express Packers and Movers is widely loved and cherished for its flawless warehouse storage service in Delhi. Our services are affordable to even those who have budget constraints. For traditional businesses and new-age entrepreneurs, we offer special packages.


Why Choose Self-Storage Services in Vasant Kunj By Dtc Express?

Dtc Express Packers and Movers have produced the most admired luminaries of the shifting service industry. We have envisioned becoming the best warehouse service provider in the world in the coming years and are relentlessly working towards it. Our commitment to the safety of our client's belongings in our warehouse is on a whole different level. We account for filling the 90% storage space demand in Vasant Kunj. There are dozens of warehouse facilities in this locality, but ours are the best.

As a responsible warehouse service provider in Vasant Kunj, Dtc Express Packers and Movers takes complete accountability for the safety of clients' belongings. We have trained our workforce so rigorously that they can manage the whole inventory impeccably. After partnering with us, clients can stay calm about the safety and on-time retrieval of their items. We keep our client's interests at the center of everything we do or plan. All these reasons make us an outstanding choice for getting warehouse service in Vasant Kunj at a reasonable price.

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How to find best warehouse storage in Vasant Kunj For household storage facility

Not knowing how to hire the right warehouse service in Vasant Kunj is the most common hurdle clients face there. It is where they need to put the most effort. Once you manage to hire a competent warehouse service, everything else will follow smoothly. This section will guide you on how to hire reliable and experienced warehousing services to get safe and affordable storage facilities in Vasant Kunj. Here are the stepwise instructions: -

Step 1

Share with everyone in your contact that you are looking for a reliable warehouse service in Vasant Kunj. To cast a wider net, do a wide internet search to get information about the best warehousing service providers in Vasant Kunj.

Step 2

Contact multiple warehouse service providers and share the details of your requirements. Ask them to quote you the price they will charge for providing the service.

Step 3

Now, compare the companies you have contacted on various parameters. These parameters are experience, brand reputation, customer reviews, and service cost.

Step 4

After doing a deep analysis, choose a company that you have found to be the most suitable for your storage needs. Double-check every information you have about this company.

Step 5

If you have found everything okay, book the services with that company.

Features of Warehouses and Storage Units

Our warehouses and storage spaces are equipped with some great features. The top features are as follows:

Biometric System Access

Biometric System Access

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Barcode Tracking System

Barcode Tracking System

Fire Control

Fire Control

Pest Control

Pest Control

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring

Pickup from Door Step

Pickup from Door Step

24/7 Security

24/7 Security

Self Storage And Warehouse Cost Calculator in Vasant Kunj

Warehouse Services Charges in Vasant Kunj Household Warehouse Charges (Rs.) Business Warehouse & Warehouse Charges (Rs.)
Home Few Goods RS. 2,000 - Rs. 3,000 Pallet (47'x39')
Bike or Car Warehouse Services Charges Rs. 2,000 - Rs. 3,300 450*
1 or 2 BHK Household Warehouse Services Charges Rs.2,400 - Rs.2,900 Safe and secure Warehouse for business
3 or 4 BHK Household Warehouse Services Charges Rs. 4,000 - Rs.5,000 Quick and easy retrieval

Updated 2023 List of Household storage services in Delhi

Name Address Contact
packers and movers Dwarka Flat No.203, S/F, Plot No-20-D/1, Kh No 23/24, Major Bhola Ram Encl, Village-Pochan Pur Extn, Sec-23 Delhi New Delhi-110077 9711546001
packers and movers Connaught Place Shop No -18, Lgf, World Trade Center, Babar road, Connaught Place New Delhi, Delhi 110001 7669230058
packers and movers janakpuri Shop No, 239, Block C2A, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi, 110058 7669047737

Warehousing and Storage Process

Secure Packing
Secure Packing

Packers will come and pack your goods at your home.

Pickup from Doorstep
Pickup from Doorstep

They will pick up your belongings from your doorstep.

Safe and Secure Storage
Safe and Secure Storage

Storage of your household goods in a safe and secure warehouse

Delivery Whenever You Need
Delivery Whenever You Need

Request the return of your items whenever you need them.

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1) What are the key features of warehouse facilities in Vasant Kunj?

A warehouse facility in Vasant Kunj generally has the following features: A pest control system, fire alarm and control system, Air conditioning, and 24/7 security personnel.

2) Why is there a need for warehouse service in Vasant Kunj?

Warehouse services are generally sought by business owners to store their inventories and residents to store their household items during house renovation and home relocation.

3) What factors influence the cost of warehouse services in Vasant Kunj?

Multiple factors influence the cost of warehouse services in Vasant Kunj. Some of the key factors are required space, location of the warehouse, storage duration, type of the stored items, etc.

4) How can I estimate the cost of warehouse services in Vasant Kunj for my needs?

Contact the customer support team of Dtc Express Packers and Movers in Vasant Kunj. Tell them all about your storage needs. They will provide you with an exact estimate of the cost you will have to bear.

5) How can I identify a reliable warehouse service provider in Vasant Kunj?

To identify a reliable warehouse service provider in Vasant Kunj, check if they are registered, find out how much experience they have, and how their behavior has been with their clients lately.


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