Warehousing services in South Delhi

Warehousing services in South Delhi offer a wide range of solutions. DTC Express Packers and Movers offers storage and distribution needs.

It is strategically located in South Delhi. This facility offers excellent connectivity to major highways and transport networks.

We are an ideal location for warehousing facilities. Our service will support various industries.

Our warehousing services in South Delhi will give you seamless operations.

You will get excellent customer support. We offer both short-term and long-term storage needs of people.

Moreover, we have a skilled workforce. We will follow strict safety standards. Warehousing services in South Delhi are an ideal choice. You can get efficient storage solutions from us.


How It Works

Easy Procedure

How It Works


We pack at your home

How It Works


We pick up from your door step

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We store in our warehouse

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We deliver when you need

Why Choose Self-Storage Services in South Delhi by Dtc Express Packers & Movers ?

Choosing the self-storage services of DTC Express Packers & Movers in South Delhi is a great choice. It is perfect for anyone who needs extra space for their belongings.

Secure and reliable storage facilities are available. Our reputation and experience means that customers can trust our storage. In addition, we take professional and careful care of your belongings.

You can opt for the self-storage services of DTC Express Packers & Movers in South Delhi. Clients can enjoy the ease of having their possessions available at all times.

Household Storage

Luggage Storage

It provides lockers and space for tourists and individuals to store their luggage in a new city.

File Storage

It is a best storage space for storing and organizing important files and documents.

Furniture Items Storage

It means specially designed space free from moist and rodents to store furniture.

Full Household Items Storage

It provides a space to store your all household items in one place.

Vehicle Storage

It is designed to store a car or other type of vehicle for certain period of time.

Student Bag Storage

This is a specially designed space for students to keep their bags for certain weeks in a new city.

Electronic Item Storage

This provides space to store electronic items such as computers, servers, electronic devices and more.

Room Storage

It provides a single room where you can store anything as per your interest.

Box Storage

It means your boxes containing goods will be picked up and taken to a storage facility.

Customized Warehouse

Customized storage spaces provide the means to keep your spaces clutter-free.

Most Picked Self-Storage Service Provider

Dtc Express Packers and Movers is a default choice of residents to get storage service. Our storage services are in every aspect, whether pricing, quality, or reliability. We have been providing top-notch storage services in Delhi for 15 years. Not a single client has ever been disappointed with us in this period. Being at the top of the storage service industry, we are conscious of our responsibilities and poised to deliver on our promises to clients.
Dtc Express Packers and Movers is widely loved and cherished for its flawless warehouse storage service in Delhi. Our services are affordable to even those who have budget constraints. For traditional businesses and new-age entrepreneurs, we offer special packages.


Features of Warehouses and Storage Units:

Our aim is to help you store your belongings. These facilities provide a tidy and secure environment. Many items can be stored safely.

We also offer a variety of storage options. Climate controlled units are available for fragile items. We also offer special storage for large items. We also provide shelving units for easy access to smaller items.

Permanent camera surveillance is another important element. Goods in storage are kept safe with security guards and strong locks.

The features of our warehouse and storage units make us a reliable choice. You can store your products and valuables effectively and safely.

DTC Express Movers and Packers For Local Service

Need of moving and storage Service in South Delhi

Space is becoming a luxury in South Delhi as the population grows. It can be difficult for people to find suitable storage facilities. This is where storage and moving companies come in handy. We offer both short and long-term storage options for people.

Thus, it is clear that South Delhi needs moving and storage services. For both individuals and families, the relocation process is made much more bearable with our effective services.

Features of Warehouses and Storage Units

Our warehouses and storage spaces are equipped with some great features. The top features are as follows:

Biometric System Access

Biometric System Access

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Barcode Tracking System

Barcode Tracking System

Fire Control

Fire Control

Pest Control

Pest Control

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring

Pickup from Door Step

Pickup from Door Step

24/7 Security

24/7 Security

Most Sought After Moving and Storage Service in South Delhi:

From residential to commercial moves, the company provides efficient and timely relocation services. In addition to the moving service, you can get secure storage solutions. Our facilities and advanced technology will give you security. Your belongings will be safe due to our well-protected space.

Our moving and storage service in South Delhi has earned a reputation. You get a reliable, trustworthy and efficient storage facility.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality services will grab you. We are the first choice for individuals and businesses in South Delhi. For those who need moving and storage solutions, we are the best option.

Self Storage And Warehouse Cost Calculator in South Delhi

Warehouse Services Charges in South Delhi Household Warehouse Charges (Rs.) Business Warehouse & Warehouse Charges (Rs.)
Home Few Goods RS. 2,000 - Rs. 3,000 Pallet (47'x39')
Bike or Car Warehouse Services Charges Rs. 2,000 - Rs. 3,300 450*
1 or 2 BHK Household Warehouse Services Charges Rs.2,400 - Rs.2,900 Safe and secure Warehouse for business
3 or 4 BHK Household Warehouse Services Charges Rs. 4,000 - Rs.5,000 Quick and easy retrieval

Benefits of availing the warehouse services in South Delhi:

1. You can get terms of storage and management of goods.

2. Individuals can store their belongings or inventory in a safe and organised manner.

3. In addition, warehouses in South Delhi also provide value-added services.

4. We also provide specialised storage solutions.

5. You can store different goods

as we have temperature controlled areas.

6. Warehousing services in South Delhi provide convenience and security.

7. We also help companies to optimise their operations and save costs.

Updated 2023 List of Household storage services in Delhi

Name Address Contact
packers and movers Dwarka Flat No.203, S/F, Plot No-20-D/1, Kh No 23/24, Major Bhola Ram Encl, Village-Pochan Pur Extn, Sec-23 Delhi New Delhi-110077 9711546001
packers and movers Connaught Place Shop No -18, Lgf, World Trade Center, Babar road, Connaught Place New Delhi, Delhi 110001 7669230058
packers and movers janakpuri Shop No, 239, Block C2A, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi, 110058 7669047737

Attributes of top-notch Warehouses in South Delhi:

The best warehouses in South Delhi have modern technology. We also have state of the art machinery. Forklifts and automated systems are available. This improves productivity and simplifies procedures.

We also offer well-ventilated, well-maintained facilities. Your goods can also be lit. You'll have a comfortable and secure atmosphere. Flexible leasing options are also available for our excellent warehouses. Businesses are free to use the space as their needs change. All in all, the combination of location and storage capacity will help you. The largest warehouses in the region are those in South Delhi because of their security, technology and adaptability.

Warehousing and Storage Process

Secure Packing
Secure Packing

Packers will come and pack your goods at your home.

Pickup from Doorstep
Pickup from Doorstep

They will pick up your belongings from your doorstep.

Safe and Secure Storage
Safe and Secure Storage

Storage of your household goods in a safe and secure warehouse

Delivery Whenever You Need
Delivery Whenever You Need

Request the return of your items whenever you need them.

Points to Keep in Mind When Connecting with Household Moving and Storage Services in South Delhi

Need of moving and storage Service in South Delhi

Most Sought After Moving and Storage Service in South Delhi

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