Transport Service in Delhi: All you need to know

Delhi is home to hundreds of transporters claiming to be the most reliable and affordable. And exactly this is what becomes the reason for clients' confusion when choosing transport service in Delhi. The only cure to this problem is having proper knowledge regarding transport services and the right approach for hiring transporters in Delhi.

What is the Transport Service in Delhi?
Transport services in Delhi help the residents of this city to transfer their belongings from one location to another. This goods transport can be in or out of Delhi. Transport service providers transport various items, including furniture, equipment, vehicles, trunk, almirah, computers, tools & equipment, etc.


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What are the charges of Transportation Services in Delhi?

Vehicle Type 60km To 250km 251km To 500km
14 feet Rs 2,900 - 14,600 Rs. 8,400 - 25,400
17 to 19 feet Rs 8,600 - 14,500 Rs. 11,400 - 34,500
21 to 32 feet Rs 6,200 - 15,500 Rs. 13,000 - 45,500
Pickup Rs 4,200 - 17,500 Rs. 13,000 - 45,500
Tata 407 Rs 5,300 - 14,400 Rs. 12,000 - 35,500

Qualities of Reliable Transport Service in Delhi: -

Before getting transport service in Delhi, one must ask themselves what are the hallmarks of reliable transport services in Delhi. Having the right answer to this question will pave the way for you to onboard an authentic transport service in Delhi. Here, in this section, we are going to list all the qualities often associated with reliable transport service in Delhi. Here is the list: -

1) Transparency: -

Transparency is a key quality of reliable transport services in Delhi, as they maintain openness across all aspects of their business such as pricing, billing, and customer support. This transparency helps build trust between the service and its customers.

2) Accountability: -

Accountability is another hallmark of dependable transport companies in Delhi, as they take full responsibility for their services, fleet of vehicles, and employees. This accountability ensures customers can rely on them for consistent, quality service.

3) Registered and Licenced: -

Being officially registered, licensed, and approved to operate in compliance with regulations is vital for reputable transport providers in Delhi. Proper certification gives customers confidence in their legitimacy.

4) Large fleet of well-maintained vehicles: -

Maintaining a large fleet of vehicles in good working order enables quality transport services in Delhi to provide consistent, on-time service. A wide selection of well-maintained cars is a must.

5) Experienced and Trained Workforce: -

Employing experienced, skilled drivers and staff with proper training is how the best transport services in Delhi deliver safe, professional service to customers. Their workforce is a real asset.

6) Utilization of the latest technology and equipment: -

Utilizing the latest technology like GPS and equipment enables efficient, high-quality service from top transportation providers in Delhi. Being up-to-date is key for them.


Benefits of Hiring Transport Service in Delhi: -

To have enough appreciation for transport service in Delhi, you must know what benefits it entails. More importantly, this knowledge will help you in hiring a transporter. You can question them about which benefits they provide and which do not. In this way, it enables you to make a better judgment, facilitating the selection of reliable transport service in Delhi. Here are the benefits transport services hold: -

Ensure Utmost Security: -

Professional transporters in Delhi are safe to transport your belongings. They ensure utmost safety by taking industry-standard safety measures and utilizing

Timely Notifications: -

They keep you updated with live locations and the condition of your belongings. To do that, they send timely notifications through calls, messages, and live tracking links so you always know the real-time location and condition of your possessions while in transit. This keeps you updated and informed.

On-time Delivery: -

Quality transport services optimize routes and employ experienced drivers familiar with roads to reliably meet delivery timelines and ensure your belongings arrive on schedule as promised. You can count on them for on-time deliveries.

Cost-effective: -

Hiring professional transport works out cost-effective compared to doing it yourself because their scale of operations and efficiency helps keep prices affordable. You save effort and money.

Insurance Coverage: -

Reputable transport companies offer insurance for goods in transit so you have financial protection in case of damage or loss. This coverage gives peace of mind.

How to Get Transport Services in Delhi: -

To hire the best transport service in Delhi, you must approach this task in the right manner. Otherwise, you would likely fall into the trap of fraudster transport companies. Thus, to prevent this, take proven steps to hire reliable transport services in Delhi. Follow these steps to filter out the wrong ones to choose a trustworthy transport service in Delhi to transport your goods: -

1. Research online for reputed transport companies in Delhi. Read reviews on Google, social media, and transport forums to shortlist a few good options.

2. Check if the transport company has a valid license and registration. This ensures they follow regulations.

3. Ask for referrals from friends, relatives or colleagues who have used Delhi transport services before. Word of mouth is often the best recommendation.

4. Contact the shortlisted transport companies directly and have a chat. Gauge their professionalism in how they respond to your queries. A reliable company will patiently answer all your questions.

5. Compare the quotes you receive from different transport companies. Opt for one that is cost effective but don't compromise too much on service quality.

6. Before finalizing, have a look at the company's fleet of trucks and other vehicles. Also check reviews of the drivers who will operate the vehicles. This gives you an idea of the service standards.

7. Negotiate rates if possible to get the best price. But keep in mind factors like insurance, security, tracking etc that add value.

8. Understand the payment terms clearly before agreeing to hire the services. Check for any hidden costs and advance fees.

9. Ensure you get a written contract listing all services, costs, timelines etc to avoid disputes later. Read the fine print carefully before signing it.

10. Stay actively involved during the transport process. Personally check items pre and post loading/unloading. Track the vehicle constantly.

11. Don't make the full payment until you have received all your goods safely at the destination. Tipping the driver is optional.

12. After the transport is completed, provide honest feedback to the company about their services. This helps improve their performance.

13. In case of any damages, delays or issues during transit, follow up promptly with the transport company as per the contract terms.

14. For future transport needs, shortlist 3-4 good companies instead of just one. Compare their updated quotes before choosing one each time.

15. Avoid very low cost transport companies as they are likely to cut corners or lack proper licenses/insurance.

 Delhi Hire Truck And Tempo Charges  Moving Estimate Table (Rate Card)

  • Services Type
  • Base Fare (Rs)
  • Charges Per Km 
  • After 3 Hour / Time Charges
  • Choota Hathi on Rent
  •  300 Rs
  • 16 Rs
  • 3/min
  • Tata Ace on Rent
  • 350 Rs  
  • 18 Rs
  • 4/min
  • Bularo/Mahindra Pickup on Rent
  • 800 Rs
  • 22 Rs
  • 5/min
  • Tata 407 on Rent
  • 1200 Rs
  • 25 Rs
  • 6/min
  • Eicher/Mahindra Contenar on Rent
  • 2000 Rs
  • 30 Rs
  • 7/min

Why choose our Transport Services in Delhi: -

If you are still not sure which company is best to get transport service in Delhi, come to Dtc Express Packers & Movers. We, as a registered and licensed organization, have successfully done 9300 plus transport over the last 10 years. Dtc Express Packers & Movers is the most renowned name in the trucking industry, offers modern, effective and affordable online truck booking in Delhi and transportation services in Delhi providing best logistics services. We follow a systematic and advanced approach to deliver you the best in terms of price and quality.

As being the top Delhi logistics company, our highly experienced and skilled workers ensure that all the goods are packed and loaded properly with utmost care to the vehicle so that it won’t get even a minor scratch during transit. We first load heavy goods or boxes that are bulky and can sustain the weight over them and then load the lightweight items.

How technology has helped us to improve our services?

Dtc Express Packers & Movers, a leading provider of transport services in Delhi, understands the value of your hard-earned money spent on your belongings. We never want you to find your items damaged, thus, we take extra steps to ensure the safety of goods. With us you don’t have to worry about the safety of your items because we handle your goods as ours.

Dtc Express Packers & Movers, a popular name in Delhi transport, understands the value of your belongings for you, so to ensure their safety, we have implemented advanced techniques and equipment. We have the manpower that is specially trained to use these tools and allow us to deliver the shipment safely and on-time. We pay special attention to the packing and loading & unloading of fragile items such as crockery, showpieces etc. and other valuable goods, heavy commercial items, electronic goods like refrigerators, washing machines, TV etc.

All transportation services under one roof: -

We are one of the best moving companies in Delhi Transport. As the best logistics company in Delhi, we guarantee a safe, quick and on-time relocation for our clients. We offer a comprehensive package of transport services that include home relocation, office relocation, goods transportation, packing, loading & unloading, warehousing and insurance. You will get all these services under one roof when you work with the best company in Delhi transport. It’ll save you time, effort and money.

We have established a strong presence as the best logistics company in Delhi with our exclusive and largest network in the Logistics and transport industry across the country. We offer an inclusive range of transportation solutions to our varied customers in major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Ahmedabad. Based on the specific requirements of each individual or organization, best companies in Delhi transport provide customized services.

Hire Delhi transport services for safe & on-time delivery:-

One thing that most of the clients complain about is on-time delivery. But when you choose us as the top Delhi logistics company, we assure you that we’ll never get a chance to say the same about us because we understand the importance of time for you as well as for us. With our advanced feature of online truck booking in Delhi, you can check the time duration to move your goods from your current location to the desired location. As the best transporters in Delhi transport, we want to establish great trust among our customers, so we enable them to check the price and time involved before making the final booking.


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